Monday, 6 July 2015

Smart Learning Games For Kids

Smart learning games is important for our kids. Because play is a favorite activities for all children, both girls and boys. And as parents, we should already be able to choose a toy for them. However, it is worth the toys they choose not solely because their favorite course, but try toys that can simultaneously to educate the growth of intelligence. 

Smart Learning Games For Kids

What is teh good toys for children ? consider the following:

  • Music helps the brain development of infants. Therefore, you do not need to specifically teach him to play the guitar. You just bought a guitar small size for children and a cassette or CD of children's songs he likes. 
  • If not with a tricycle, use wooden beams placed on the ground. Encourage your toddler to walk on it, but can improve balance, balance beam game (balance beam) is also very useful to forge their motor nerves. 
  • At the age of 3 years old children are no longer able to play catch or throw the ball, but was able to play as an adult game. Focus on something, compliance, and confidence will be an interesting goal of the game with him. 
  • Climbing stairs or slide and hide and seek is a simple game but very good for toddlers, because not only can make merry but also to train the focus, concentration, reflexes and power.

Toy Buying Tips :

Now, more and more variations of toys can be found in various shopping centers and toy stores. Not only from the local Indonesian products, even imported products also can no longer count the number.

To that end, do not arbitrarily in choosing toys. Because these toys are not necessarily useful and suitable for your child, because not all the educational toys and help develop the intelligence of your toddle.

Well, how to choose educational toys and safe for kids?

  • For the comfort and safety of your children, it's important to pay attention to the labels of toys one by one. Without such extensive details, you can not know, whether the toy can be recommended or suitable for your toddler age. 
  • Select toys that are not easily damaged or dislodged, it is also for the security of your child in order not to hurt herself while playing. 
  • The book is full of stories of various images and colors are also interesting toys for children. By introducing and adding new vocabulary for it, your ability to process the story in the book would train him indirectly. 
  • Playhouse in bed? This is most often done by children, so that you do not forbid it. Let your child arrange the pillows, bolsters, blankets as if he were made of building his own house. To support his new toy, now many toy stores offer blocks and houses from plastic with small and large sizes, depending on the needs and age of the child. 
  • To train his brain to think logically and to get used to resolve a problem, ask your toddler play jigsaw puzzle with a size that is not too small for him 



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