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Let me introduce myself ! My name is isma, I am the owner of this blog. Here I am a student at a university in Indonesia. Besides as a student, I also as a writer on some blogs. learn4smart.blogspot.com is one of the some blogs that I manage. I really love to write and it's my hobby, evidence blogs that I have counted more than 2 and all of them I manage by myself.

In this blog, I will more often discuss about education because I think this topic is Important and need to discuss. How come ? The time always change, the world of education too. Need for me as a teacher to follow development of education and share information to all people.

Need to know, I am just regular writer not a profesional writer, all the articles in this blog are purely my opinion so I'm sorry if in my articles that I publish there are many deficiency. But don't worry, I will do my best and I will try to present the quality articles so that you will be enjoy for reading some article here.

I almost forgot, I am as the owner of this blog say thank you to all visitors have come and reading some articles in my blog. Comments and suggestions are very important for me so that I can improve my quality content in this blog.

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