Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The things that are done by smart students outside the formal class

The things that are done by smart student outside the formal class - Most children who are intelligent will think before acting and not do anything stupid. This is not just about the ability of intelligence, but rather skills. It is important for you to spend as much time as possible with them and see the world in which they live. They try to stay in the right environment and prevent them from various types of interference.

Here are five essential behaviors performed by the smart children outside the formal class. 
1) They do not go to school as tourists.  
Smart students take part in school activities outside the classroom. Those attending campus events and follow campus clubs. 

Most of the success in college is creating a new network of friends, including the club's activities and campus events. This does not mean that you cut ties with your old friends, but this means expanding your network. Try some activities, ranging from theater performances, concerts, lectures, and other events that are part of the community.  

Things that are done by smart student outside the formal class

2) Children are not only smart sitting in class.  
They interact in the classroom, even at the time of the lecture. If you can not interact with the teacher, they interact with peers or even with themselves, guessing what the teacher might say next, trying to sum up the points together, trying to make associations with other things that they know and other experiences they have. Sometimes it is a struggle to pay attention in class, but the struggle is also often bring benefits.
3) When they learn, most of the time, they just learned.  
This smart students learn by not doing other things. Say you have five subjects and each requires 2 hours of study in one week at home. They will do well. That means, they learned only 10 hours in a week and it's effective. 

Other students often spend time in study time, for example, gossiping with friends and watching television. These children have little attempt to concentration.
4) They talk to their friends and family about what they are learning in school. 
If you do not want to spend some of your spare time to talk about school, you are doing something wrong.

However, many of us simply have friends who do not like to talk about school. In fact, in college, you will find the freedom to talk about the subject with the club or with the professor after class hours over.

5) They understand that different subjects require a different way of learning. 
Smart students know every thing is not same. In college, you will need to adjust to the different professors who have different ways to run their classes and different ways to evaluate your achievements.

This also happens in real life, that's later career. You should try to determine how the class is run and how you will be judged. It also occurs when facing a teacher or professor who liked to give tests in the form of multiple choice or essay. Perhaps, when will undergo tests of teachers who like multiple choice, diligently reading just enough. However, while in class as assessed by an essay, do not expect to do well if not diligent discussion.


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