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Learning how to increase your brain power and stop forgetting things

Brain is vital organ for human, all kinds of activities in the body are  arranged by brain, including in thinking. Someone who has good brain would think smart, moreover memory ability should not be questioned. But unfortunately, not all people have it, not a few people weaking in thingking and and also forgetful. This condition can be happened because some things, can be caused by get older or genetic factors. But actually not only that, there is other reason, it's wrong lifestyle. As a student having weakness in thinking will be definiely hard in learning, as well as you working as a teacher or a parent will be definitely hard too in carrying out activities. Here need of effort for resolving all of these problems.
Well, here I want to share with you about "how to increase your brain power and stop forgetting things", but first I will tell you about The Reasons why brain abilities can be decreased, I think it's need to be discussed.

1. Lacking of sleep
A computer if used continuesly without a break can cause compters hang even damage. Similarly, the human brain. If human brain continues to be used in carrying out activities withous a break it also will cause a problem, such as slowly thinking or forgetful. According to research, at least a sleeping human is 6 hours so that brain can function optimally.

2. Suffering thyroid disease
Someone who suffer thyroid disease actually affect to brain condition, if you see a sign as thyroid disease in your body, immadeately go to the doctor because thyroid disease effect is very danger for your body condition especially your brain.
According to information I get, that thyroid gland produces two hormons, namely T4 and T3. Wich these hormons very high effect on the intellegence of human brain. If thyroid gland has a problem, certainly the brain will have problems.

3. Suffering diabetes
Diabetes has always been the scary things, besides hard to be cured but also make a serioulsly effect for sufferers, decreasing brain ability is one example. Diabetes superers threatened with decreasing memory brain. Need to optimal treatment for this problems, so that diabetes disease can be little controled. If diabetes disease can be controlled, the problem of memory can be resolve.

4. The habit of drinking alcohol and consuming drugs
In my view, alcohol don't have benefits at all, besides drunk, actually alcohol can also damage brain system, it becomes toxic for brain. Loss of consciousness and decreasing memory are some effect from alcohol.
Consuming drugs such as marijuana, ecstasy is also danger. In this drugs include hazardous chemicals for body, one of the many bad effect is damaging brain memory seriously and mental.

5. Less Vitamin B12
One reason why someone has a bad quality in thinking is less consuming food containing vitamin B12. This vitamin is very important for your brain, it can prevent brain shinkage. Therefoe, you should consume many foods containing vitaminB12. As some foods that contain this vitamis, they are egg, meal, fish, milk and the others.

6. Depression
Depression is a disease that can infect anyone, from the young to the elderly. The reasons are also varied, maybe can be caused left by loving someone, not getting what he/she want and the others. But unfortunately, besides getting sadness but it can interfere brain ability. Memory ability can be decreased because depression.
The best meditation for this case is the advice of family or closest friends, if depression is lost, it's expected can resolve memory problem.

They are some reasons why brain ability can be decreased. Well, right now we will discuss about the ways to increase brain ability especially memory brain, as the title of this article " Learning how to increase your brain power and stop forgetting things"

1. Illustrating the things with image
When you find someone who love to read a comic, then you make a question to them about the content of the comic story, they must can tell to you about the content, moreover  if you ask to them about the beggining of the story from comics they have read, they must can tell the story with detail. It's wonderful, isn't it? yes because they read the things with illustrations. There are image when the character in the comic do something.

According to research that have been conducted, actually illustrate things with image can improve our memory, proven by the story who I have tell to you above. Therefore, if anyone of you feel that your memory ability is less, why not to try this method.
2. Writing something to keep in mind
Believe or not, it's my experience. When I memorize somethings with just read without rewrite what I learned, it's hard for me to remembered, otherwise easy to forget, but when I memorize then I rewrite what I learned, actually it's so easy for remembered and this process is better fast than just reading.
According to information I get, write something that need to remembered will more efektive and optimal. Because when you write something, it will make an experience  for you. Subconscious mind will automatically remember the result of your experience. If you don't believe, let try by yourself.

3. Stacking category systematically
If you have used to write in a note, would be much better to get used to arrange things to remember into several categories. Making the similiar things to one category so it will be neatly. Brain will be more easy to absorb a neatly things than without. Therefore, from now try to get used to write and arrange things that need to remember in several categories in your note.

4. Enough sleep
Need you to know when you are sleeping, turns brain does a work where the brain  arrange your memories, more detail the brain arrange new memories with old memories, so between one with other is interrelated. 
According to research by the university of california, old peoples tend forgetful then children. In my view, it's reasonable, with increasing age brain ability will decreas, but turns out it was not the only. There is other factor why ability of memory brain decrease, it's less sleep. According to them, old people rarely nap then young people. So that the adequacy of sleep is different. Therefore, many of old people have problem in memory.

5. Teach what you learn to others
Don't be stingy knowladge! What you get should be thought to other people so can make a benefit for them especially you. With you teach something that you have learned to others then automatically you get a experience. Indirectly your experience will be record by your brain. The brain immediately rewrite what you have done, more you share the knowladge to others, more your brain record the experience. Therefore, make it a habit to learn with your friends so your brain ability will improve.

Eating foods that contain nutrients that are good for the brain

One of the many causes of why someone becomes easy to forget something is the lack of nutrition for the brain, vitamin B12, vitamin E, omega and antioxidants are some much-needed nutrients for brain, especially to improve memory ability. A person who is not accustomed to eating nutritious food will tend to be lacking in the ability of the brain. Even worse for those who love to eat sweets, it will increase the risk of diabetes that is definitely decrease the memory. Well, the point here I advise you to refract eat good nutritious food for the brain, such as beans, broccoli, fish, milk, eggs and other foods that nourish the brain.
Exercise is one form to move the entire body, moreover with exercise supply of oxygen into the body will increase. You need to know with increasing the supply of oxygen into the brain, your brain's performance will increase so does your memory. The brain desperately need of oxygen supply so that can work optimally.
According to research by Dr. David Jacob from university minnesota, people who refract themselves to exercise have a good memory, more than the ability of their memory will remain good until they are older.

Before I close, I have provided a video below about "Improving brain power", please see and enjoy the video, I hope after you read all of the contents of this article can provide benefits for you.

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