Sunday, 5 July 2015

4 Key Brain Development of Children

Development of the brain will affect the intelligence of children in the future. Those that affect the brain development of children up to 3 years old are caused by factors genes, nutrition, affection and stimulation.

As stated by Dr. Soedjatmiko in a roadshow seminar "Maximizing Intelligence Children with Floor Time" at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Saturday (24/1).

According Soedjatmiko, factor genes from parents already can not be changed. "This is inviolable, eg intelligent parents, then the gene factor will be transmitted to the child," he explained.

4 Key Brain Development of Children

As for the addition of nutrients to the baby will have a positive effect when administered as early as possible, which is about 6-12 months. "The development of a baby's brain after birth is more important in determining a child's IQ later in life than when in the womb," he said.

The best nutrition for babies is breast milk, because it contains many substances that are required such as proteins and amino acids, DHA and AA, Gangliosida (GA), choline, nutrients and other micronutrients.

In addition to the nutrition, stimulation also plays an important role in maximizing the child's intelligence. "The stimulation is required so that the relationship between cells of brain neurons (the synapse) may develop because if they are not stimulated, synapses that are rarely or unused would be destroyed," he said.

This stimulation can be applied early, ie, since the fetus is still in the womb until the age of 2-3 years are known as the golden age of children's brain development. Stimulation, according S
oedjatmiko, can be done with active play with a loving, happy, and free.

"Factors affection is also important because emotional closeness when a parent and child play can stimulate children to think creatively," he explained. *


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