Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Secret Why Finland Students Can be Smart and well-known in the eye of the world.

Finland is a country with an education system that can be said exceptional, as evidenced by the quality of its graduates.  I think it could happen because of the education system that they apply is very effective and efficient, how not? Education system that they create so designed that make the students can optimize their capabilities.  By optimizing the government's role in the education system, it would also optimize the results obtained by the students there. Finally, finland students become a student who is very smart and successful in the eye of the world.

Below I will explain the secrets of what makes students finland can be intelligent and well-known in the eyes of the world.

1. Children will start school when their age has been 7 years old
Different from the country education system in general applying the age of 6 years old to start school, in Finland the new students are allowed to enter school when they are 7 years old. It is done for a variety of considerations, one of which is related to the child's mental readiness. They assume that early childhood still need to socialize and find a lot of friends. And then when they have stepped on in grade 4 elementary school, students are given assignments that will serve as guidelines for assessment.

2.The ways of their learn are 45 minutes learn ; 15 minutes breaks
They make this type of learning so that the number of breaks during the learning process becomes longer. With so students would not become saturate during the learning process. Moreover they consider, with a break every 45 minutes or so, then their focus on the material being studied will better because their brains are always attempted to always fresh and not depressed. It makes sense, because you yourself know if when learning in a condition of mind depressed and tired then learning will not be optimal and will be hard to concentrate.

3. All Schools in Finland are free of charge and private school tuition will be strictly controlled in order to be reasonably priced
It is remarkable education system there, administration really invested his country's financial education. Just imagine, all public schools there provide free schooling for all students, students who are poor and rich undifferentiated, all get the same treatment. With this situation, would make the students there be enjoy and comfortable in his education there, because the name of school fees has not become a burden for their mind.
Moreover, finland also provides a variety of support needs for the learning process such as lunches, health costs and transportation costs. So interesting educational system there, it is very indulgent of students there. If we review the private school there, then the government will oversee the private schools so that all charges contained in it can be reached by a student there.

4.  All teachers in Finland are financed by goverment in getting master's degree.
Finandia Government considers that the education system is strongly influenced by the teacher. The better the quality of the teachers will better the education system. Knowing this, the Finland government seeks to improve the quality of teachers, one way is to provide free of charge to all teachers to get a master's degree. If a teacher has a master's degree, then automatically the ability of teachers unquestionably. 

You need to know teacher salaries in finland are enormous. If the comparison is made, the salaries of teachers there 2x bigger than salaries of teachers in the United States. In Finland teacher is a profession that is highly admired and loved, therefore certainly not easy to be a professional teacher there.

5. There is not a national exam
The goverment has really believed with the teacher quality. The teacher has been regarded as someone who knows the curriculum and how best judgment for the students. These circumstances make the national exam is not applied. I think personally, the education system without entering a national exam into it is appropriate. Need you to know that each students has a diversity of abilities. Diversity of capability certainly not be able to judged by one type of exam, national exam, because of it's general, this situation makes the students can not be predicted their best potential. Different if the teacher of the student who directly give the exam to the child, the teacher clearly knows best potential of the students so that it will give the exam in accordance with the child's condition. This condition will be more optimal than the use of the national exam.

6.  Learning system of JHS/SHS students similiar with in collage
Junior High School/Senior High School students there learning system similiar with in college, they learn just 4-5 hours. In addition, they can determine their own learning schedule they want. This course is very ease, they came not because of coercion but on their own. Due to their short hours of lessons, making them be more productive because they have a greater free time to develop their potential.

7. There is not ranking system
Finland government's efforts to make smart students is extraordinary. One way is to abolish the ranking system, it is done so that there is no presumption "some students are intelligent" and "Some students are stupid". It is only going to make one of them become feel weak and do not have a passion for achievement. Seeing these conditions, certainly there must be something that is done is to assume all of the students are smart and none are stupid. If it's successful to be done then the student will continue to be motivated to develop their potential.


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