Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Fact about Right Brain and Left Brain

The Fact about Right Brain and Left Brain - Assumption about the right brain to regulate the body's left side and the left brain to regulate body right now believed to society. Appears assumption that left-handed people means right brain is more dominant. Dr Roslan Yusni Al Imam Hasan, from Bethsaida Hospital Serpong, whether left-handed people means right brain is more dominant? Doctors are also active in twitter firmly denied. In his opinion, left-handed or not, has nothing to do with the right brain and the left brain.

"There are people who tend to be left-handed, this has nothing to do with the brain. Habits like this only influenced by genetic and hormonal factors during life," he explained.

Even so, Dr. Yuda Turana, said that the assumption about the right brain to regulate the body's left side and the left brain to regulate body right. Due to the human motor nerve crossed at the level of the brainstem.

"Yeah so. Because our nerve crossed at the level of the brain stem, which means that the left leg innervation comes from the right hemisphere, and vice versa," said Dr. Judah, in conversations with detikHealth, and was written on Wednesday (20/05/2015).

Furthermore, Dr. Ryu explained that indeed both parts of the brain linked to one another. That is, not 100 percent right brain controls the right side of the body, and vice versa.

To control the motor system, 90 percent of the right brain function is used to adjust the right hand. The remaining 10 percent arrange body parts left.

"Yes, but both have roles related to one another. For motor control, 90% of the right brain regulate the right hand and 10% of them regulate the body's left side. So the reverse order to their balance," he concluded.   

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Mind Training for Learning Disability (Slow Learner)

Kids who also are usually slow learners are regularly written-off as lazy or dim-witted by quite a few. On the other hand, really crucial to understand their special needs and aid them overcome their mastering disability. Right after almost all, researching problems not simply interfere with their education and learning as well as individual life nevertheless is very likely for you to result in sensations of mistrust and low self-really worth too. Consequently, it gets imperative regarding mom and dad and lecturers in order to assist individuals youngsters. One solution for here is mind training.

Mind Training for Learning Disability

What is  brain training ?

It refers towards educating classes that will are usually based on medical looking at and researching concepts which possess already been researched and developed by a multi-disciplinary team involving pros. The purpose of such classes is in order to tackle typically the basic factors of researching difficulties, along with not necessarily basically the indicators. Additionally, they seek toward increase speedily and considerably those underlying psychological skillsets that will are usually responsible for effective studying.

What does it involve?

Brain Teaser game titles

those might include quizzes, fascinating exercises like grouping similar pictures, numerical workouts with every day products like meals, grocery lists and many others. Individuals games are identified to be able to offer you limitless stimulation towards any youngster's head, getting it act in response much better and faster. Simply as your muscles value from routines, those head teaser online games will give your child's mind some much-necessary practice, thus support enhance his/her memory energy along with pushing more quickly duplication.

Sound treatment

Here is involves The Listening strategy (TLP), gowns is usually structured on Dr. Albert Tomatis's ideas. Below is treatment uses sound and track stimulation way, gowns retrain the auditory pathways and the ear for altered interest, mastering, sensory integration and communication.

Video games/CDs for Logical Reasoning talents

you can find CDs and on the web websites showcasing interactive games that persuade growth of logical reasoning abilities which include classification, exclusion, deductive/inductive reasoning, patterning and conjunction, among others.

Visible-Spatial actions

all those actions concentrate upon different factors of visual-spatial abilities and aim towards handle on visible memory, visualization, emotional rotation, spatial orientation, visible traffic monitoring and multi-perspective coordination, between additional abilities. Increasing the aesthetic-spatial talents could possibly particularly aid children suffering with maths and science.

All individuals head video games and activities are fun and interactive - each and every designed in order to participate and difficult task the child. These people tend to be always available for various exercising quantities - starting from easy towards gentle and tricky, with an purpose of sustaining some sort of children's mind training regimen intriguing. In case a person would like in order to download your children towards experience such training below the operations involving pros, anyone could lookup with regard to informative tutoring centers presenting them. The lessons for slower learners in these centres are shaped for you to incorporate any selection regarding these online games and classrooms as described above, and track their improvement often, adjusting the program on the particular approach, if necessary, to keep any youngster encouraged and fascinated.

Teaching Children to Read is Not Easy

Are you trying to help your child develop their reading skills? In this article, I will share with you some tips that can make a big difference for your child's progress. As a parent, no doubt you want the best for your children. It's probably the main reason you want to teach your kids to read at a very young age. One hopes that it will give them a competitive advantage when it's time in school. One of the most frequent questions I get is: "When can I start teaching my child to read?" Well, you can begin to teach your children when they are two years old. Even when your child already knows how to speak, it's a great time.

Teaching a Children to Read is Not Easy

Teaching children to read is a challenge

As a parent teaching a child to read is a very difficult task. Any parent who has experienced it will surely know how difficult it is. May be you will find the difficult to make your child be focus when teaching them. But this is understandable. When you teach them to read, it's important to make the learning process interesting. You are advised to use books with colorful pictures to attract the attention of children. 

One Important Tip You Have to Know

Do you know what is one of the best ways to teach a child to read?

Well, the answer is phonological awareness. Many studies have been done on this topic and it's supported by scientific evidence. They find that children with phonological awareness continues to develop their reading skills than those who do not. Therefore, if your children have difficulty in reading, you may have to spend more time to assist them in developing their phonemic awareness.

Read a story to your child every night

One simple thing you can do to help your child develop reading skills is to read a story to them every night before bed. This will help children to develop interest in reading.

The things that are done by smart students outside the formal class

The things that are done by smart student outside the formal class - Most children who are intelligent will think before acting and not do anything stupid. This is not just about the ability of intelligence, but rather skills. It is important for you to spend as much time as possible with them and see the world in which they live. They try to stay in the right environment and prevent them from various types of interference.

Here are five essential behaviors performed by the smart children outside the formal class. 
1) They do not go to school as tourists.  
Smart students take part in school activities outside the classroom. Those attending campus events and follow campus clubs. 

Most of the success in college is creating a new network of friends, including the club's activities and campus events. This does not mean that you cut ties with your old friends, but this means expanding your network. Try some activities, ranging from theater performances, concerts, lectures, and other events that are part of the community.  

Things that are done by smart student outside the formal class

2) Children are not only smart sitting in class.  
They interact in the classroom, even at the time of the lecture. If you can not interact with the teacher, they interact with peers or even with themselves, guessing what the teacher might say next, trying to sum up the points together, trying to make associations with other things that they know and other experiences they have. Sometimes it is a struggle to pay attention in class, but the struggle is also often bring benefits.
3) When they learn, most of the time, they just learned.  
This smart students learn by not doing other things. Say you have five subjects and each requires 2 hours of study in one week at home. They will do well. That means, they learned only 10 hours in a week and it's effective. 

Other students often spend time in study time, for example, gossiping with friends and watching television. These children have little attempt to concentration.
4) They talk to their friends and family about what they are learning in school. 
If you do not want to spend some of your spare time to talk about school, you are doing something wrong.

However, many of us simply have friends who do not like to talk about school. In fact, in college, you will find the freedom to talk about the subject with the club or with the professor after class hours over.

5) They understand that different subjects require a different way of learning. 
Smart students know every thing is not same. In college, you will need to adjust to the different professors who have different ways to run their classes and different ways to evaluate your achievements.

This also happens in real life, that's later career. You should try to determine how the class is run and how you will be judged. It also occurs when facing a teacher or professor who liked to give tests in the form of multiple choice or essay. Perhaps, when will undergo tests of teachers who like multiple choice, diligently reading just enough. However, while in class as assessed by an essay, do not expect to do well if not diligent discussion.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Time Management for Collage Students

Each person in a day only has 24 hours. The time just 24 hours isn't enough until whenever. But it will not matter if we can arrange a time. Especially in the middle of the crowded and busy college. Many students, especially New Students feel that habits and time management that they have done is adequate and efficient. Proven when they were in school, they at least had never found difficult to gotten great value. Then over time, some of the students will be aware that the value obtained  today are not as bright as when at school.
Even so, one of the pleasures of being a student is the reduction rules. Students do not have to always get up early because there are fewer class hours than the school in general. Even when we've passed the first year, we will choose freely the time of our study. Not only that we are also free to choose whatever subjects we want to take.

However, with this freedom, students often confusion set time. At the time of the exam time approached, all the tasks become clogged. But the disaster can be avoided, if we are smart in time manage. 

Observe Calendar Semester & Understand System

When the first lecture, we will be given a number of subjects as well as time. Well start by making learning calendar each month. In addition to checking the daily class schedules, exam schedules should also be checked, handover scheduled, the holiday period. Especially for students outside the city, red date in the calendar is very important to set for back home schedule.

Make and Takes Lecture Schedule

From now create and prepare a schedule of activities you will do. Obey and discipline. When creating the calendar, set the day so there is vacant so that we can still run a hobby or rest. It is important for students to always bring owned schedule. whether it's in a book or on the gadget. Most importantly stick on the plan and spirit live your day. 
After the lecture schedule, every week we have to make weekly priorities. It makes us no hassles in doing per week and final. For weekly assignments ensure entry in the sequence above, while the end of semester assignments can be in the next priority.

Calculate Time Every Subjects

Each course has a level of difficulty varies. There are difficult because the material is heavy but there are also difficult because the professor stingy numbers. Well, we need to think carefully. If that course is mandatory, meaning we have more time to prepare weeks to learn and do chores.

Smart Fostering Relationships with Senior and Lecturers

It is important to sosialize with them. Relate well with the lecturer does not mean being a sycophant. From seniors we can get a lot of feedback about the course, including on how current work practice at the time of manufacture or final project.

Set Goals

Know what you want to accomplish in life. Grab a pen and paper and write down what you want to accomplish in the next 5 years. Setting goals for yourself gives you the direction to be followed and strive and motivate to achieve these objectives. 

Monday, 6 July 2015

Smart Learning Strategis for Students

Smart Learning Strategies for Students - Finding methods and effective learning process is necessary. Not all individuals have an effective way of learning. Observation and analysis capabilities required to determine the most appropriate learning method for someone. However, there are some tips that you can do for your learning can be more effective in absorbing knowledge. What are these tips? Here's a list of 10 tips on how to learn effectively:

1. Create something that you learn look interesting

No matter how difficult the lessons to be learned, if you are able to make it seem interesting would be more effectively absorbed. For example in the study of various phenomena and electrical formulas Physics subjects. Try to immediately find examples of the application about electric current, voltage, power, efficiency, and others. Another example, when you study the history, try to understand it as a story. If necessary, look for videos related to the subject you learn to make the subject more attractive and easy to learn.

Smart Learning Strategis for Students

2. Find a comfortable place

Learn in a clean, comfortable, and free from noises. This will help you better focus on subjects, and materials you will learn more effectively. Do not force yourself to learn if the conditions of learning room is messy and there are a lot of objects scattered on your study table. If still possible, try to clean it up. But if you do not have much time, move to a more conducive learning. Make sure also where you learn to have adequate light illumination.

3. Learn when most fit condition

Try to learn at least when you feel fit. When just woken up, after a nap, or after bathing. When your body is still fresh, the mind automatically be fresh and materials studied to be more easily absorbed. In optimal body condition, something that usually requires 3-4 times read to understand it, you can only learn in just 2 times or even once read to understand.

One more important point, do not do exhausting things before learning, both physically and mentally. Prepare your physically fit as possible to be able to learn effectively.

4. Set the period of study in several sessions. Do not learn too long

This tip is very important, but often overlooked due to time conditions that are too tight. In an ideal learning pattern, you can not face the book too long without any activity interspersed. Try to rest and give pause between 15 to 30 minutes each time you study for 45 minutes. It is proven to be more effective than studying two hours in a row without a break at all.

One more point that is important for you to remember: Do not let the pause time make you complacent. When resting, do not do anything that takes more than 15 minutes to complete. This will allow you to forget the ongoing learning activities.

5. Drink a glass of water

White water has a natural function to make the body become refreshed, especially after a long concentrates learn something. Provide a glass of water while you learn. The moment you think you start to lose concentration, eyes tired, or bored, sip a glass of water. In addition to work to restore concentrations ranging dispersed, water can also make you more healthy and fresh.

Smart Learning Games For Kids

Smart learning games is important for our kids. Because play is a favorite activities for all children, both girls and boys. And as parents, we should already be able to choose a toy for them. However, it is worth the toys they choose not solely because their favorite course, but try toys that can simultaneously to educate the growth of intelligence. 

Smart Learning Games For Kids

What is teh good toys for children ? consider the following:

  • Music helps the brain development of infants. Therefore, you do not need to specifically teach him to play the guitar. You just bought a guitar small size for children and a cassette or CD of children's songs he likes. 
  • If not with a tricycle, use wooden beams placed on the ground. Encourage your toddler to walk on it, but can improve balance, balance beam game (balance beam) is also very useful to forge their motor nerves. 
  • At the age of 3 years old children are no longer able to play catch or throw the ball, but was able to play as an adult game. Focus on something, compliance, and confidence will be an interesting goal of the game with him. 
  • Climbing stairs or slide and hide and seek is a simple game but very good for toddlers, because not only can make merry but also to train the focus, concentration, reflexes and power.

Toy Buying Tips :

Now, more and more variations of toys can be found in various shopping centers and toy stores. Not only from the local Indonesian products, even imported products also can no longer count the number.

To that end, do not arbitrarily in choosing toys. Because these toys are not necessarily useful and suitable for your child, because not all the educational toys and help develop the intelligence of your toddle.

Well, how to choose educational toys and safe for kids?

  • For the comfort and safety of your children, it's important to pay attention to the labels of toys one by one. Without such extensive details, you can not know, whether the toy can be recommended or suitable for your toddler age. 
  • Select toys that are not easily damaged or dislodged, it is also for the security of your child in order not to hurt herself while playing. 
  • The book is full of stories of various images and colors are also interesting toys for children. By introducing and adding new vocabulary for it, your ability to process the story in the book would train him indirectly. 
  • Playhouse in bed? This is most often done by children, so that you do not forbid it. Let your child arrange the pillows, bolsters, blankets as if he were made of building his own house. To support his new toy, now many toy stores offer blocks and houses from plastic with small and large sizes, depending on the needs and age of the child. 
  • To train his brain to think logically and to get used to resolve a problem, ask your toddler play jigsaw puzzle with a size that is not too small for him 


Sunday, 5 July 2015

4 Key Brain Development of Children

Development of the brain will affect the intelligence of children in the future. Those that affect the brain development of children up to 3 years old are caused by factors genes, nutrition, affection and stimulation.

As stated by Dr. Soedjatmiko in a roadshow seminar "Maximizing Intelligence Children with Floor Time" at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Saturday (24/1).

According Soedjatmiko, factor genes from parents already can not be changed. "This is inviolable, eg intelligent parents, then the gene factor will be transmitted to the child," he explained.

4 Key Brain Development of Children

As for the addition of nutrients to the baby will have a positive effect when administered as early as possible, which is about 6-12 months. "The development of a baby's brain after birth is more important in determining a child's IQ later in life than when in the womb," he said.

The best nutrition for babies is breast milk, because it contains many substances that are required such as proteins and amino acids, DHA and AA, Gangliosida (GA), choline, nutrients and other micronutrients.

In addition to the nutrition, stimulation also plays an important role in maximizing the child's intelligence. "The stimulation is required so that the relationship between cells of brain neurons (the synapse) may develop because if they are not stimulated, synapses that are rarely or unused would be destroyed," he said.

This stimulation can be applied early, ie, since the fetus is still in the womb until the age of 2-3 years are known as the golden age of children's brain development. Stimulation, according S
oedjatmiko, can be done with active play with a loving, happy, and free.

"Factors affection is also important because emotional closeness when a parent and child play can stimulate children to think creatively," he explained. *