Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Public Speaking Tips for High School Students

Skill in speaking is necessary in this life, but not easily to get these skills need extra struggle in it. Moreover, to hone the speaking ability should be trained from the beginning or when in school because as an adult would be a bit difficult to start. I think high school is a great time to hone one's ability to speak, there are many opportunities to practice speaking skills. For you who are still in high school use your times to train your speaking ability, follow the organization and other school activities, be active role there, then your speech will be definitely honed. 

Here I want to share to you about good public speaking tips for high school, hopefully these tips can be useful for you all.

Show a good start to the audience
This is done so that the audience is interested to continue to pay attention to what you are going to talk about. Therefore need to be able to open talks well. Below I will explain how to open a good public speaking.Gunakan cerita sebagai penghantar audiens menuju topik inti.
  • Humour can you use to deliver to main topic
  • Use interesting statement along with the fact, that the audience interested and focused with your presentation.
  • Use challenging questions that the audience curious about the answer, where the answer is in presentation.
Set the tone of your voice so that interesting and effective
Vocal techniques of public speaking is done through the production of vocal sounds or vocal production techniques, which is one important part of oral communication and public speaking so interesting and effective. You need to know, in the production of public speaking there are three things you should note that you can be a good and interesting speakers:
  • Volume - to be hear
In speaking of course you should be able to adjust the volume. It is done so that the audience comfortable when they hear you talk. Endeavor to your sound is not too loud or too slow, make a balance between the two.
  • Clarity - to be understood
Try articulation when you speak clearly, it is done so that the audience can clearly and understand what you are talking about. This is a common problem encountered by some people when they speak. To overcome this problem train your sound articulation with A-I-U-E-O vocal training.
  • Variety - to add interest
Use variations of voice so that when you speak there are colors in it. Moreover, with the variation of voice, monotonous conditions can be avoided and the audience became not bored when listening to you talk.  
Show good body language so that the audience interested
Body language is one that is no less important in public speaking, wrong show body language it will be a negative impact on the precentation that you do. You need to know, good body language can show that you have the skills, power tie and a positive mood. 

Below I will share a good body language when you're doing public speaking:
  • Make eye contact
  • Make the distance between your two legs 
  • relax your shoulders
  • Smiling and laughing
  • Keep your head position remain straight
  • Do not walk too fast in front audience
  • Avoid gestures that show you restless
  • Use your hand so that you do an effective presentation


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