Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Importance of Understanding Children's Learning Process

Parents in Asia are highly motivated to raise smart children. However, many parents who do not understand how exactly the child's natural learning process. The intelligence of a child could be prepared as a baby in the womb. This means that mothers should prepare himself well, especially the aspect of nutrition and mental readiness, so that the baby will be born healthy.

According Dr.Eddy Fadlyana Sp.A (K),
the baby starts learning process sequence of the process of seeing.

"What children see or hear will be stored in memory, then the cognitive impact so that children can think and act," Eddy said in a media event discussion at the launch of Wyeth Nutrition Science Center in Jakart.

The Importance of Understanding Children's Learning Process

He added, basically learning process is stimulated. "The most important thing is the stimulation or interaction of parents and their environment. The process of stimulation has the greatest impact, so no matter how busy the parents should have time to take their children to play," he explained.

Parents can encourage children to play with the games that sharpen the brain, such as playing music, drawing, classifying shape and hone physical activity like playing ball, dancing, or swimming. Encourage the child to communicate and discuss appropriate developmental their age.

No less important in supporting the child's intelligence is nutrition. At this stage of observing, good nutrition helps the growth of visual function, while in the process of thinking, nutrients such as DHA will help the ability of cognition and brain development of the child. Then when the children in action, complete nutrition required to assist the development of the digestive and immune system of children so that children healthy and active.

Presented by Dr.Carol L.Cheatham, there is no one dominant nutrients they need. Research has shown that nutrients must be combined because of the way they work in the body is synergy.

"For example, DHA and choline work together to help improve the child's ability to focus, as well as choline and lutein. All of them did not act alone," says Cheatham.

Eddy added, providing nutrition to children must be appropriate, not only kind but also time. For example, in a pregnancy which is the time of formation of a child's brain requires certain nutrients. Then after birth the child needs to get breast milk because containing DHA is needed for the development of the connections between the brain.

"If at the time of brain development was rapid but child nutritional deficiencies, the impact could be permanent," he said. 




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