Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Time Management for Collage Students

Each person in a day only has 24 hours. The time just 24 hours isn't enough until whenever. But it will not matter if we can arrange a time. Especially in the middle of the crowded and busy college. Many students, especially New Students feel that habits and time management that they have done is adequate and efficient. Proven when they were in school, they at least had never found difficult to gotten great value. Then over time, some of the students will be aware that the value obtained  today are not as bright as when at school.
Even so, one of the pleasures of being a student is the reduction rules. Students do not have to always get up early because there are fewer class hours than the school in general. Even when we've passed the first year, we will choose freely the time of our study. Not only that we are also free to choose whatever subjects we want to take.

However, with this freedom, students often confusion set time. At the time of the exam time approached, all the tasks become clogged. But the disaster can be avoided, if we are smart in time manage. 

Observe Calendar Semester & Understand System

When the first lecture, we will be given a number of subjects as well as time. Well start by making learning calendar each month. In addition to checking the daily class schedules, exam schedules should also be checked, handover scheduled, the holiday period. Especially for students outside the city, red date in the calendar is very important to set for back home schedule.

Make and Takes Lecture Schedule

From now create and prepare a schedule of activities you will do. Obey and discipline. When creating the calendar, set the day so there is vacant so that we can still run a hobby or rest. It is important for students to always bring owned schedule. whether it's in a book or on the gadget. Most importantly stick on the plan and spirit live your day. 
After the lecture schedule, every week we have to make weekly priorities. It makes us no hassles in doing per week and final. For weekly assignments ensure entry in the sequence above, while the end of semester assignments can be in the next priority.

Calculate Time Every Subjects

Each course has a level of difficulty varies. There are difficult because the material is heavy but there are also difficult because the professor stingy numbers. Well, we need to think carefully. If that course is mandatory, meaning we have more time to prepare weeks to learn and do chores.

Smart Fostering Relationships with Senior and Lecturers

It is important to sosialize with them. Relate well with the lecturer does not mean being a sycophant. From seniors we can get a lot of feedback about the course, including on how current work practice at the time of manufacture or final project.

Set Goals

Know what you want to accomplish in life. Grab a pen and paper and write down what you want to accomplish in the next 5 years. Setting goals for yourself gives you the direction to be followed and strive and motivate to achieve these objectives. 


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