Thursday, 26 March 2015

Best Job for Smart Students (Getting $$$)

The task of the students is learning, because with learning they will get new knowledge which very useful for their future. But in this present age, in addition to school not a few students who spend their time for working. And it's done to earn extra money. Logically, this would make the student learning focus to be reduced even worse they are more focused on their job rather than learning.

Knowing the current reality, in this opportunity I would like to give a solution about "How to keep the student learning focus even though he worked".  I think this topic is important to discussed so I take it.

When you want to choose a job, try to consider whether the job that you take would disturb your learning or not? If the answer is "yes" immediately leave and look for another job which is better than that. It would only make your future be destroyed. Well, here I have the perfect solution in choosing a job and it's very suitable for you who are still students. What is that? "Be an writer of the blog"

Why should choose a blog?   

Who will pay?

Ok, first I would like to remind you that the main task is to learn. By learning you are required to study the knowladge you have never known before, until in the end you have mastered it. And then when you already understand and have mastered the material, you try to rewrite it into a blog. With you rewrite the material into a blog then the material that you have been studied  will be stronger in your memory and you not easily forget. If you don't have, there are many sites which provide the facility to create a blog for free, for example:

"So what is the relation with money?"

Calm down I'm not finished, hehe .... By the time your blog is full of articles and visitors have plenty. Now try you to register your blog that you have to google adsense. Google Adsense is a site that will provide income for anyone who is willing to promote the ads they provide. Blog is the one place where you can promote these ads. You need to know, at the time the ad is already installed on your blog and someone who just clicks one time, then you can directly get the money. In the area surrounding America, 1 click valued around $ 0.5. Just imagine if every day there are 50 clicks, then $ 0.5 x 50 = $ 25 / day.

Incredible, is not it? You can get $$$ just by writing material in the blog. Besides you grow smart, you also get money from the writing activities. This is a smart solution that I want to share with you all, I hope the information that I share can provide useful for you. Practice immediately, For the tutorial you can easily find it on the Internet!

Below I share the video about success story of someone who uses google adsense !

You have read the article about "Best Job for Smart Students (Getting $$$)" hopefully this article can be useful for you and I as the blog owner say thank you for your visit. Never be bored to visit my blog,


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