Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Success for Students with Hearing Loss

Every human certainly has the strenghts and weaknesses and they are surely possessed by every human being. However, most of people only think about their weaknesses without think about the strenghts that they have. Very inappropriate for someone who think too much about their weaknesses, it will only make theirself not exited in life and that will be felt only weaknesses while the strenghts that they have aren't cared. Of course it was a big mistake and very detrimental, could be behind their weaknesses are exceptional strenght and is not owned by anyone. So with their strenghts, they could become a success.

It also applies to a person who suffers hearing loss, especially for students. There are still many opportunities for them to be able  to get success. If you're one of them, still excited and never despair, keep trying and reach all your dream.

Do you know Albert Enstein, Thomas Alfa Edison and Ludwig Van Beethoveen? They are ones who have shocked the world with their capabilities. Lots of useful work that they made for us who life in this modern era. But behind their exceptional strenght are something that hard to think, they have weaknesses. Enstein suffered symptomps of autism when he was child, Edison suffered hearing loss (even worse he was expell from his school because considered not be able to do anything) and Bethoveen who was deaf but can make a beautiful music.

They can do like it because they have a spirit for reach succes. They attempt to cover up the weaknesses with the strenghts they have, evidenced by some of their works that shocked the world. So for you who have weaknesses keep spirit and continue to fight, be you like they who have a spirit to reach success. Need you to know, for getting a success in life is not closed during this breath is not stopped.

Below I share the video about Hellen Keller, the women who suffer blind and deaf. She can be an inspiration for us because her amazing life.
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