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Classroom Management Disruptive Students

When a teacher teaches in the classroom will definitely meet a lot of students with a certain character. Where from all of these characters, there are not in accordance with the expectations of the teacher. Sometimes there is a very naughty boy even difficult to control, of course, this is very disturbing especially during the learning process. But in this case, we cannot fully blame the child. The child could be like it because some things, such as a broken home, left both parents and others.

As smart teachers, we should be able to outsmart the students like this. Find ways so that these students reduce or even stop the naughtiness without having to do a violence which resulted in the child's heart hurt. Most teachers when faced with a child like this, they become frustrated and finally yelling and scolding the child. Maybe it can stop the naughtiness of the child, but you need to know it will only work for a moment. After several days they will return to do the same.

Based on the information I get and also based on my opinion, below I will explain what should be done in the classroom at the time you face a student like this.

1. Stop saying word "naughty" to the child
Never say the word "naughty" to the child, it will only make the child becomes more acting. But for you who already say it, stop this word right now. Otherwise, starting from now make a approach with them so that the children becomes comfortable with you and they feel appreciated.

2. Take a seat in front of the class for the child
Try when you are faced with child like this, provide a seat to sit in front of the class. This is done not because the child often make a noise in the back, but it is done to make easier to interact with them at the same time to observe the child's behavior changes. Moreover, by placing it in front of it will motivate them.
3. Give confidence to work the test questions in front of the class
Give a trust to the child, if you create a questions and requires the student to work it in front. It certainly gives confidence and self-motivation in the child. So that will make the child aware and gave rise to a desire to be better than ever.

4. Give warning with subtle satire
When you see they make a mistake, do not scold and shout at them. You have to keep patience and admonish them well, one of which is the subtle satire. You can say, "This week you have a lot of progress, but why now do negative things again?" Or the like. This is done so that the child feels embarrass and aware. Finally, they correct his mistakes.
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