Friday, 3 April 2015

What is the meaning? Finland eraser chemical subject and math subject

It is strange with what is done by Finland, a country that includes the best education system in the world is doing a new breakthrough but it sounds a bit strange. But nevertheless not finland if the country does not make a change in the country's education system.

From the information I get, finland planning to remove some subjects not mean to make the education system will be decreased but that the education system could be more qualified. Nowadays, the world is evolving and of course there are any changes in the inside. The education system should also be made a significant change. Maybe that's one of the reasons for the changes in the finland education system.

Sometimes there are students who asked "What are the benefits of learning physics?", "What the benefits of studying chemistry for life?". With the new education system that they planned, this question can be resolved.
The planners say than 2 hour studying geography and history better 2 hours learning about the European Union. Because therein has learned something very closely related to present-day life, moreover the geography and history are certainly learned therein. So that this method would be better and more effective.

Removal of some subjects is planned to be carried out in 2020. Let's see what changes occur in the quality of the education system in Finland, will increasingly gone up or down?
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