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How to Improve Your Interview Skills and Beat the Competition

Nowadays, to get something we want such as enter the college, applying for jobs and the like, definitely have to compete. Who can win the competition he is the winner, they deserve what they expect because they have been able to defeat the opponents. Compete not only be seen from the results of the academic tests but sometimes there are also other techniques that used, it is an interview
Many people who can successfully pass an academic test but failed the interview. Therefore there must be a preparation in it, even very intelligent people in an academic is not necessarily able to escape from the test on this one because it is more emphasized in speaking ability.
How to Improve Your Interview Skills and Beat the Competition
In this article I will share tips so that you can improve your interview skills and you could win a competition to get what you want.

1. Check all form of information relating with this institution
Before you are interviewed, you should see all the information relating to the institution. You can do this by looking on the website, in leaflets and people close to you who know about the institution. It is done to anticipate the questions that relate to the institution itself, such as "Why do you enter to this college ?", "What do you know about this college?" etc

2. Pay attetinon to every question
Take a good look All forms of questions put by the interviewer, give the impression that you really pay attention to what they ask. Although the questions they give is a question that has no relation with the institution, such as "Where do you live?", Listen and answer. In the fact they do it to give the impression that you are not too tense. With you do it all, the interviewer will feel happy and feel appreciated by you.

3. As much as possible your body language is good in front of interviewer
Give a good impression in front of the interviewer, do not let your body language shows that seem bad in front of them. something that is most often done by the participants is the body language that shows the tension, if it is seen very clearly and conspicuously then your scores in their eyes definitely small.

4. Think first before you speak
Someone who in his speech does not think beforehand, potentially issuing a bad word in the eyes of the interviewer, obviously it is a fatal mistake. Moreover, if the wrong speech concerns to the institution itself, the interviewer will be offended and be lazy to interview you. Therefore, in anticipation of it all, if you want to try to answer their questions,  think first, then when you are ready answer the the question with confidence.

5. Put a expectation or achievement in your answer

Quality answers are answers which there is value added, so that the interviewer gives a plus for you. One of the added value is to include an expectation or achievments in your answer. For example, the interviewer asked "Why you will take this faculty?", Then you say "I choose this faculty because I like the education, plus I got my hope that by taking this faculty I can give the knowledge who I have to my students later ". This is the answer that has added value, where you give a hope in you the answer.

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