Sunday, 15 March 2015

How to Improve Your Social Skills and Make Friends

In life, socialize and make friends are the things to do if someone who is not good at socializing surely has few friends and would feel lonely. However, in this case sometimes there is someone who has the desire to socialize but hindered by something that makes not do it, one example might be embarrassed. It is also possible that you are experiencing now. But remember if there is a will from within you there is a way, as long as there must be efforts from within yourself, at least you have to fight all matters which may make you can not socialize.

When I was in high school, I also include people who are shy and silent, my friends were few in number and most of classmates, I thinked why did it happen, why I had few friends and the answer of my question is because I am not good at socializing.

Well, see my experience, here I will give you some tips so that you can improve your social skills and gain a lot of friends:

1. Fighting everything that hinders you to socialize
Someone who started trying to do positive things will surely find various forms of obstruction, such as shame, fear not appreciated and others. Need you to know, it is the feeling that you have to fight. Never respond your feelings. It initially would be very difficult but if you succesfully escape from your feeling then you will get something very valuable, you will easy to socialize and get a lot of friends.  

2. Creating a comfortable feeling when you meet someone
Never when meet with someone, your feeling is not good.Try to your mood in a state of happiness, maybe with watching television, playing games and the others. If the interlocutors see you in a bad mood, eg angry. He certainly will not feel comfortable talking with you, especially if interlocutors you meet is new people, their view of you will be tailored to the facial expressions you give. So they will think again to be your friend.

3. Waking up your self confidence.
For those of you who are still learning to be able to socialize, build self-confidence is very important. If you invite a friend to attend a meeting, which may be attended by a lot of people in it who never you know forced to attend the event. That way you will improve your experience and can also increase your self confidence. Moreover you will get a lot of friends.

4. Starting trying to make many friends
If now you only have few friends, try to add your friends. Because of my knowledge the more friends the more beautiful life, yes but you also have to be smart to choose friends do not just take it. Well for those of you who are still studying, first try to reach a friend from your close friend. Try to gradually to reach friends who are still able to reached. So that over time your friend will increase and your social skills abilities will increase too. 

5. Courage Yourself
People who are timid to do something positive will quiet place, how they can move while they are afraid by what he might do. So to resolve this problem, try to attempt to build courage from within yourself. Try to meet someone you've never met before when he asked, never have a mind, "What I will do with her", "I can not chat with new people" and others. Stop thinking like that, people are scared by something they will do then he keep thingking about it, they are stupid, They waste the time just to think about things that don't give a benefits . So the point try to get up courage yourself and do your best.
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