Thursday, 12 March 2015

You Can't Do Anything? Read it !

Every people has excess and shortage, don't ever think that you you don't have any abilites.  If you think like that, one reason is that you just think about your shortage without thinking about your excess. Certainly that seems  just your shortages  while your excess that you actually have will shink  and will not appear in your brain.

Try to see what I will tell to to you below. This is about people with their shortages but can become a wonderful people and create a world shaken.

1. Thomas Alfa Edison
Try to see the condition  in your house when at night. Light, isn't? yes it's light because there is a lamp. Well, the question is who has found lamp?The answer is  Thomas Alfa Edison, a child with wonderful ability who have created a something useful  for our life today. Do you not know, when he was still child he had bad experience. Little edison was kicked out from his scholl because he was considered stupid and no ability. Moreover he also had shortage in hearing.

Seeing these condition, edison's mother certainly felt sad, but she believed that her child would be a success people. Then the mother decided to tought the little edison in home.
Day by day, the mother tought her child, tired must be suffered. But her tired was cured, little edison began to show his secret ability even to succeseded in creating something that never there, it's lamp electric.

2. Albert Enstein

Einstein 1921 portrait2.jpgOne scientists  who surely you know, yes he is inventor of the relativty theory. The theory is so hard to think but very important for scientist today and of course us as a educated. However, have you thought, turns out behind his genius he had shortages who affect his life.

When he was child, little enstein suffer slowness talk, shy and suffer symptoms of autism. At school he was one of exluded sudents. He was also naughty student and he didn't want to follow the lessons he disliked. Just music, physics, math he liked. This is very strange, he is one of the many genius people in the world has shortages like that. But, he has liked somethings, he will attemp deepen what he liked. Proven by his loving to physics he was succesfully created new theory that hard to think but can be accountable the truth, namely relativity theory.

3. Ludwig Van Beethoveen
Maybe some of you know this name, although there are also among you who do not know about him. But need you to know is a famous musicians who succeded creating a music that makes the world uproar. He has sucedded makes world people are amazed with his music he created. But behind his wonderful ability, beethoven turns suffer shortage in his hearing, he was deaf.

Maybe some of you wonder, he is deaf but why he can makes a music. Well, actually beethoven was not deaf before his age was 47 years old. So he had learned how to play music. But when his age was 47 years old, he suffer hearing disorders, deaf. Well when he still heard normaly, there are not somethings special from his work. But when he had been deaf, beethoven succedded in making a wonderful music. He made a music by imaging music tone in his mind. Finally he was succesfully produced a great works.

They are the people who have shortages but can show their excess. They don't care about their shortages, they always optimistic with their abilities. As well as you, this is a must that you always optimistic with your ability. I tell to you that human is born to become a winner. Let you think, during the process of the formation of human, happened a competition where million of sperm cells to get a ovum. And from this competition just one will be winner. The winner of this competition will form a human and it's you !


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