Monday, 23 March 2015

What Smart Sudents Know about Smart Goals

Before I get into material, I want to ask you, have you ever made a goal but when it came to evaluate you do not know whether the goal has been met or not? If the answer is "Yes", it happens because you do not make smart goals. This is important, because without smart goals, it will be difficult to get what we expect. 
Okay here I will explain what is meant by the smart goal. You need to know, smart goals are:
: Specific
M : Measurable
A  : Attainable
R  : Resulted Focus
T  : Time-Bounded

Basically smart goals can be applied in various aspects of life, such as business, health and others. However, at this time the topic is smart goals for students. The smart students should be able to make smart goals, so that it will make easier to achieve what you expect.
 Let us explain one by one relating SMART goals for students:

Specifics :
When writing goals, smart students should be able to write it specifically. This means that the goal should be well defined so that students know exactly the intended outcome for the goal.

Measurable : 
Writting goals is measurable si important. A goal that is measurable means that data can be taken on the goalto provide evidence of it being met or not.

Achievable : 
Targets should be able to be achieved. This means that students need to think realistically when they want to achieve something, otherwise it will only make students become difficult even will not get what they wants.

Result-focused :
Result-focused means that the goal is measuring an outcome. Not an activities or others.

Time-Bounded :
When students want to make a goal, be sure to make the deadline. If it is not done, a student will experience confusion in reaching the target because there is no certainty when the completion time.

Above you have seen that smart goals are specifics, Measurable, Achievable, Resulted-focused and Time-bounded. Well now you try to pay attention to following sentence:
"I will increase my english ability"

This is not a smart goal, it does not describe the specifics of the targets to be achieved. In order for the sentence to be smart goals, the sentence could be like this:

"I will improve my english ability, they are grammar, spelling and punctuation. I will learn it every day for a month and will be completed on 1 April 2015" 

The second sentence is an example of smart goals, describes the specifics targets and will make you become easier to achieve what you want. Because all aspects are met. Well if you've made a smart goals, you are ready to move to realize your goals.

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