Monday, 23 March 2015

Classroom Management Engaging Students in Learning

A teacher should be able to manage a class well, otherwise the learning process will not be as expected. Therefore, required the capability to manage the classroom for a teacher. And the things that must be considered by a teacher in a classroom management is how to make a managed class can involve students, because the learning process that involves students will give a positive result for the learning process. Moreover, a student who participated actively in the learning process will gain experience in learning. So here the students not only write and listen but do other activities that require the students to take an active role, such as expressing opinions, asking and others.
However, the activities of managing the class is not easy, sometimes there are  things that makes the efforts of teachers in classroom management becomes a mess. Maybe it could be caused because the teachers are wrong in planning and also wrong in practice in class. Therefore, there must extra effort in this case.

Below I will explain how to manage the classroom so that students can take an active role in the learning process.

1. Make a model of learning which make students active.
When the learning process try to implement a learning model that makes the student take an active role in the classroom. Avoid one-way method of teaching, where the only teacher who speaks without an active role of students. One example of a learning model that more focus learning activity of students is jigsaw learning model. The learning model makes all students to active continuesly, because they are instructed to learn the material to share to other friends later.  

2. Do not be too serious during the learning process.
Avoid classroom atmosphere is too serious, it would make the students feel uncomfortable in class and bored in the learning process. Make fresh jokes that make students be happy to continue to learn. From my experience, when students get bored then they will tend to not want to take an active role because they think if they take an active role, the learning process will be long, they can think like that because on the other hand they want the learning process ends. 

3. Provide opportunities for students to argue and ask.
If a teacher only speaks without giving students the opportunity to speak, then the teacher has made a big mistake. By doing so, indirectly, the teacher asks the students to be quiet without effort and without active participation in the learning process. Therefore, as smart teachers, you should be able to take the time to explain and time for the students to speak or ask questions.

4. Keep the classroom atmosphere conducive.
With a conducive atmosphere, then the learning process will be easier to control. If not, then the learning process will not be optimal. Teachers will have difficulty as well as students, they will be difficult to take an active role in the classroom. One example, suppose that the atmosphere in the classroom is noisy. Then the teacher would certainly be difficult to explain to the students about the material being taught, because the teacher's voice is lost by the commotion. Likewise students, instead actively participate in the learning process but actually focused their attention on the noise that occurs in the classroom.

5. Give subtle warning to the student if the student does something which deviate.
Sometimes there are students who do not deserve in class, either when the teacher is explaining the material or not. If you find students like this, try you to admonished the students but not to hurt him. Because if their heart hurt, it will make the students don't like the teacher and finally the students will be lazy during the learning process and will tend to make the students become passive and do not want to participate actively in the learning process.


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