Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Working or Getting a Scholarship ?

Nowadays, there are many students are looking to extra money for tuition with workimg part-time. It is not bad, but I think working while school would reduce student focus in learning. However, the student's task is learning not working.

The Phenomenon where students working can be caused many factors. Might  their parents can't help them for tuition, students want to get extra money and the others. But I salute what they have been doing because not all students have high spirit like them.

However, there are suitable alternative for students. What is that? The question is scholarship. With Scholarship besides helping them for tuiton, it can improve their motivation for focus in learning. Of course it is good thing, with improving student motivation they have the opportunity to reach best perpormance.

However, getting a scholarship is not easily thing. There are some condition that must be fulfilled. Students with average achievement in school have less opportunity to getting scholarship. Otherwise, students with high achievement would have more opportunity for getting scholarship.  The bottom line in this case, there are competitions in there.

Students who is succesfully get a scholarship will give a pride, because they get a great achievment and pride make their parents happy. let you think, who is not happy if their children can get something wonderful? Of course all parents will be happy  with the achievment their children.

The bottom line is that working while school is not wrong thing, please just to them who want to do it. But here I just want to give a better alternative I think, it's scholarship. My opinion is that scholarship is more suitable than working for students.  Basically working for tuition is not students's task but it suitable for students's parents.


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