Sunday, 5 July 2015

Parental Influence on Children's Intelligence

Parental Influence on Children's Intelligence - Every child is born intelligent. But how smart a child? It depends on the parents. If you want to have an intelligent child as a whole, which has multiple intelligences that develop balanced, then it should be every parent to train his brain to not stop learning.

Multiple intelligences include: Intelligence Language; Math logic; Interpersonal; Intrapersonal; Visual spatial; Spiritual; Music; Physical; Nature.

Your child may be smart in math, but had he become a child who has eight other intelligence in him? Whether any such intelligence is well trained by their parents or adults who feeds him?

Parental Influence on Children's Intelligence

Inda Helen, Resourceful Parenting Facilitator of Indonesia (RPI) says how smart your child depends on the stimulus given to him. 

"The brain cells have the ability to connect 15,000 other brain cells. To connect need stimulus. The stimulus is what affects children's intelligence," said Inda.

To be able to provide the right stimulus in order to train the multiple intelligences of children, of course, parents need to learn. Parents need to train himself, to train his brain.

"We, the parents, are the designers of our own brains. If you want to educate children then train our brain"

Parents or adult communities also need to understand that they had a great influence on the development of children's intelligence.

So, if parents realize something is missing with him, feel he has not the ability or the experience of many in parenting, parents should be willing to learn. Parents should find out what should be mastered in order to provide appropriate support to children in developing multiple intelligences.

 "When I realized there are less, if we want to learn then the child will learn," said Inda."

During parents want to stimulate brain cells to keep learning, seeking new knowledge, brain cells do not die instead it grows. When intelligence increases, the child's parents are able to develop more optimal multiple intelligences.


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