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The influence of fast food on children's intelligence

The influence of fast food on children's intelligence - A study conducted by researchers at Ohio State University (OSU) and the University of Texas, Austin, USA, found that the more often a child eat fast food when 11 or 12 years old, their intelligence can be decreased. Especially in mathematics, science, and reading.

The difference between the test scores of children who like to eat fast food and not, is reported to have a high contradiction, children who frequently eat healthy dishes found 20 percent smarter and able to complete the test well.

Kelly Purtell, lead author of the study at the same time an assistant professor of human sciences at OSU said, "fast food turned out to affect the ability of the child's education. We examined several factors that allow children to get the test scores,"

The influence of fast food on children's intelligence

Purtell said, other factors such as how often the child exercising, watching television, family socioeconomic status, other foods consumed,  characteristics of the neighborhood, and the school did not escape studied by the research team. Nevertheless, the result is same. Children who frequently eat fast food tend to have a lower rank in the class.

A study released by the journal Clinical Pediatrics, researched 11.740 students who started school in the academic year 1998-1999. In this study, respondents were required to report about habits and type of food they voraciously for one week. It is astonishing ensued, it turned out 10 per cent of children said that eating fast food every day, and 10 percent said the six days of the week definitely eat fastfood. 
"We are not saying that parents should not give their children fast food. But the results suggest don't do it too often. In other studies, the nutrients in fast food, it can affect cognitive development. However, a strict diet by avoiding fat and sugar do also not good for children because it can reduce the learning process, and lowering the memory of children, "said Purtell.

Furthermore, parents are advised to be more introspective and focus on children's food. Therefore, in the phase of growth and development, nutrition has a high influence in shaping their future. To that end, do not negligent in preparing nutritious meals and good in the brain and bone formation because it can give a good impact in the lives of children, both educational and social environment. 

In addition to pay attention to nutrition and nutrition, parents also do not be lazy provide additional supplements to children. If you are being confronted with the child are difficult to eat, try to give a companion supplement that works to stimulate the appetite. One of the best supplements that contain vitamin A, D, and E.

You need to know that all three of these vitamins can be absorbed completely by the body. Then, make sure your supplement does not contain artificial coloring and alcohol-free and safe for child consumption


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