Tuesday, 17 March 2015

4 Tips to Improve Fast Thinking for Student

The ability of every person is different, not all have the same capabilities. There are proficient in the academic field but there are also proficient in the field of sports. Similarly with the person's ability to think, some are quick receive materials but there are also slow. Well, this is a topic I will discuss in this article. More specifically, is related to how to improve the fast thinking for students.

I take this topic is not without purpose, students who have the ability to think mediocre may sometimes find difficult to pursue the material presented in school and may also feel left behind from other friends. Well, hopefully with this article that I created is able to provide insights so that you know how the tips in order to improve the ability to think fast.

4 Tips to Improve Fast Thinking for Student
 1. Consuming fish
To get a healthy brain and intelligent, certainly requires input and nustrisi good for the brain, without which the brain's performance will not be optimal. One way for the brain to work optimally is by consuming fish. You need to know fish contains fish oil that very important for some parts of the brain and nerves in the brain. Some types of fish are good to eat and good for the brain are salmon and sardines. Both of these fish also contains omega 3 and essential fatty acids are good for brain communication, brain health and accelerate the brain's ability to think.

2. Doing a Puzzle
A sword if continuously refined definitely be sharper and able to divide things easily. Brain Likewise, if your brain continuously refined the ability of your brain will be a maximum, one of them in the ability to think fast. Well, one way that you can improve your thinking either when learning or in any condition is to do a riddle. Playing scrable, playing chess, filling in crosswords and others is one of them. You try to do a riddle in whatever form when there are time to spare, because it is very useful to optimize the performance of your brain especially the ability to think fast.

3. Exercise
Exercise is one activity that can nourish the body. Circulatory be nice with you doing this activity. Moreover, with exercise such as walking can increase levels of oxygen into the body. You need to know, with the entry of oxygen supply to the brain, the brain's performance will be optimized as well as in terms of the ability to think fast. Well, for you who want to improve the ability of the brain, you can do this activity, because besides nourish the brain, exercise also can optimize the performance of the brain.

4. Learning new things
Learn new things are be able to make you to think more innovative and creative. It happen because by learning a new things makes you have a lot of knowledge and experience. One example is to learn a new language, according to Ellen Bialystok, Ph.D., one of the researchers of york university toronto, said that learning a new language able develop and improve intelligence. Learn a new language is tantamount to giving an exercise for the brain, which in turn able to optimize the ability of the brain.


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