Tuesday, 17 March 2015

How to Improve Your Child's Concentration Skills in Learning

Learning is the task of the children, it is done so that they can get success when they grew up. But in this case, to get success there must be value-added of the learning process. It's hard when learning carelessly without any effort to improve the way of learning. One problem often encountered children in learning is the concentration, how the learning process can be said to be good if the children have not been able to concentrate in learning. Sometimes they are still focused on the others at the time of learn, such as the desire to play, watch television and so on.
Seeing these problems, based on the information I get there are several ways how to improve the child's ability to concentrate in learning.

1. Think about the importance of learning to future benefits 
If your child is never focus when learning and hard to concentrate, you try to ask the reason why he could not concentrate. If the answer is because there is something such as wants to play, wants to watch tv and the others. Immediately give feedback to them about the importance of learning for them and provide the benefits of what will they get if learned well. 

2. Learn when the body in a healthy condition
If someone is in a state of ill do a job, the job must be done not optimal. Besides feeling tired, concentration on the job would also decreases even could not concentrate at all. Similarly, a child in the learning, if the child is sick such as fever, do not let the child to learning except if the body is healthy condition, as though to force to learning certainly will not be focus.

3. Keep good body position when learning
Need you to know that the position of the body when learning very decisive the child's concentration while studying. The most simple example, if a child learn in a sleep position. Surely the child's concentration decreases, over time they will feel the drowsiness that makes unable to concentrate more to learning. Moreover, the position of sleep while learning, can make the eyes of the child becomes unhealthy that caused him to have to use glasses tools.

4. Keep your child's place for learning is comfortable
Try to imagine if you eat in place very dirty and smelly, certainly pleasure in eating decreases even appetite will be missing altogether. Similar with the learning, if the conditions are not conducive, the space where learning is dirty and untidy, the pleasure in learning will be reduced. And keep in mind, if the joy of learning has lost, concentration in learning will be decreased. The bottom line is trying to create an conducive atmosphere for child's learning.

5. Take a break first if the child is tired
If computer run continuously without a break will make the computer hangs, even can be caused the damage because the computer also need a break. Similarly, child who are learning. If a child is feeling tired during the learning, tell your child to rest for a moment, as if forced it is will only make the child becomes dizzy, more over the concentration of the learning is definitely decreases.


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