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How to Get Success In Student Life

Success is everyone's dream, but unfortunately not everyone can easily get it, need to work hard to get it. A student who has a dream to get success in life is the initial capital to achieve real success, but you need to know success is not only glued on performance at school but also in life. Big mistake if you consider the success of a student is only glued in an academic, there are other things that are not less important such as the ability to socialize, the formation of character and others.

On this occasion, the topics that I will discuss is about how to get success in the life of a student. Not only in school life will I discuss but also life more widely. It is important to be discussed because a student at the time they are adults will find a wider life and they should be able to adapt to the new environment.

 1. Making Life Planning
Someone who does not have a plan in life can be hard to get success. However, the plan is a very important point in doing anything. A student who does not have a plan for life, certainly will experience many difficulties especially when they're grown up later because they don't think about plans for their future.Here I would like to remind, that to be a successful student not only in school but in the other life, then a student should be able to make plans not only short-term plan but be able to make long-term plans. Both are inseparable and intertwined, it's hard to get success in the absence of these two elements.

2. Developing Creativity
Creativity is the ability to create something different. With creativity someone can achieve a success. Therefore if you want to achieve success try to practice developing creativity that you have. Not easy indeed to be able to develop creativity, but if you keep trying and praying, then it is not impossible. The more you keep trying, so the more experience you have. From these experiences your idea in creativity is increasing
3. Practicing Leadership
There comes a time when you are required to be a leader and you can not refuse. Well, while you're still as a student, you try to practice to be a leadership. You can follow various kinds of extracurricular activities or organizations in your school. Usually there are training about how to be a leader. Moreover, to be a leader you must be smart in talking. To train your ability to speak, often you in expressing opinions in discussions. It will improve your speaking skills.

4. Knowing strengths and weaknesses
Someone who knows the strengths and weaknesses in himself is the one who has the capital to be successful. By knowing his strength, then they will optimize and develop the skills they have. In contrast with they knowing their weakness, then they will try to cover up weakness with their advantages. You need to know that the  person like this will never see their weakness, but they will see something more beneficial for theirself, the strengths. Because if they just look at the weakness, then they will feel just the inability of doing things. Obviously this is very harmful and it is appropriate that they do not do it.

5. Developing cognitive ability dan metacognitive ability
The role of the student is learning. The learning activities include reading, writing, listening and other activities. Until at last they can master various knowledges of the results learning process. Well, knowladges that they get will be very useful not just to get a good achievment in the school but also can be used for their lives when adults.
Besides cognitive abilities, there is another one that is no less important, it's metacognitive skills. Metacognitive ability includes about one's ability to deal with everyday problems such as search for information, the ability to process information and the like.
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