Sunday, 8 March 2015

Don't Do It To Your Children

Parents are one of the success key for their children, do a little mistake can cause something bad for the future of children. Therefore as a good parent does something positive that can make the children develop and optimize their potential. Don't ever make some bad treatment causing the child collapsed.

Well, Here I will share with you about somethings that should not be done by the parents to their children. This is need to discuss because very important for the child and can be a reference for parents.

1. Giving a Negative Statment
Sometimes parents are angry when their children don't do what they expect. If the children asked to follow extracurricular in school, but they reject, then parents say, "You are stupid !". This statment can be hurt the feeling of the children. They will be like what the parents say. This situation will be serious if bad statment like that is said to the children.

2. Comparing Children
Have more than one child maybe can result comparing child each other. If second child can get the first rank in school, don't ever say, "See your sister, she get the first rank in the school. Why you can't like your sister?"
The comparing just make a child dizzy and lack of confidence. Children maybe hate their parents because always getting a bad treatment from this comparing.

3. Giving Praise easily 
Giving praise easily isn't always good. Giving praise easily impressed "cheap". Therefore, if the children do something simple, don't say, "wondefull, you are so smart".
Attitude above often done to the children by their parents. Seems simple but can cause a bad character for them.
4. Saying Hurry !
When the children are working on a task and they work slowly, parents usually say, "Hurry". This is not educate children to become better, otherwise children become fear and guilt. So avoid saying like that.



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