Saturday, 7 March 2015

Tips to Be An Idol Teacher

Be an idol teacher maybe a dream for all teachers in the world. Be an idol teacher doesn't mean that he/she is top in school, you make a big mistake if you think like that. But here, need to know that the idol teacher is a teacher that can provide good experiences and inspirations to their students so with that they feel comportable with you. Let's try to remember when you still at school, Who was your idol teacher? How did they teach in front of class? Why did you like to his/him? You can answer these questions by yourself, Now you can take a lesson from them.

Here I have some tips for you about how to be an idol teacher, I take it from my experiences colaborated with other references.

1. Be a patient teacher
Patient is one of the many character from idol teacher. When you find stupid and naughty students don't ever to schold them. But you must be patient and search a best solution for this situation. If you are angry, naughty students usually scare but will do their mistake later. I don't know why it can be happened, but it's reallity. Maybe they need your input and referal, because they could have less attention from their family.

2. Be a humoris teacher
Students dislike the teacher who always serious, In their minds the teachers are always serious is cruel and grumpy. Well for avoid this condition, be a humoris teacher, give something that can be your students happy. Need to know here, if your students happy with you, it's good news. Usually the score of your students will increase after that.

3. Care your students
An idol teacher will do anything that can make their students comportable. One way is by take care their students. So if you want to be a idol teacher do it. Based my experience, a student who have problem tend to be quiet. It's sad and we have to do anything, don't let his/her adolescence bess.

4. Listen your students
There are many things found in class. Every student usually reveals a new idea in their opinion. You must listen if they reveal idea about class and your learning. Their ideas can be a good reference for repair and improve your learning in class.

5. Don't show that you are the boss in class.
Yes I know, teacher is manager in class but in any case you aren't boss who can  act arbitrarily. What's more shows that teacher is the ruler in class. There will never be students like the teacher like that.



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