Thursday, 19 March 2015

Google Classroom for Android

Good news for teachers, students and schools. Now android app for education have been present! applications localized for the learning process. This application is specially designed to be able to provide the ease and effectiveness of teachers and students in the learning process. They can be connected wherever they are, in addition to using google Clasroom you can save paper and time.

Today google classroom is available only for two types of gadgets, for android and iOS. However, it is enough to provide something useful to the world of education, considering both of these gadgets is almost possessed by the students and teachers of course. Android and iOS is no longer a luxury item.

For all of you as the teachers there are two features of google Clasroom app that can help you to arrange and organize your learning process, they are a teacher assignment page and the ability to archive classes.

Besides what I described above, below I will explain some of the other advantages of google classroom apps which is very useful for all of us especially for teachers and students.

1. Designs & Features
Interface of google Clasroom app is simple and elegant. Of course this makes users more comfortable in using the application. In addition, by using the features found on google classroom app teacher can give assignments and announcements for every student with ease. Moreover, teachers and students can communicate and exchange opinions with regard to the material being taught.

2. Flipped Paper
Google Classroom app really makes it easy for its users, a teacher is able to know the students work and organize various aspects digitally. In google classroom, the teacher can assign tasks, returning the test results and makes private discussions between teachers and students.



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